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Hi, I am Salman Khan and I live and work in Dubai. I am a digital media designer with more than thirteen years experience in the creative industry... specializing in creating beautiful and standards compliant websites and creating graphics for all mediums.
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Feathers Fashion UAE   Simply Buy Any Car   Me & My   Euro Petroleum
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On October 10, 2010, a new story of style, essence and Emirati philosophy was born as Feathers opened the doors to its first jewellery and fashion accessories store in Dalma Mall.

Reflecting the sensibilities of Emirati and Middle Eastern fashion, Feathers is inspired by the beauty and symmetry of peacock feathers, the range of stylish accessories plays up all the elements that they represent – the intense detail, the colour combination and the pride that they embody.

  Simplybuyanycar.com was created to simplify the car selling process and enables the easiest solution for customers. We exist for one reason: To ensure you get an honest and worry-free deal for the car you want to sell, every time.

We go beyond buying cars. We're experts. We're confidence, care and consistency. And we deliver on our promise.

Chic street style, the weather, architecture and design, find style inspiration all around you - including right here!

Say no to main stream, Me and My is about self expression and fun. We want to help inspire you! How does that saying go ..... "if you look good you feel good".

Fashion is personal and Me and My site is an expression of personal style from within, fashion is a way in which to speak with out having to say a word - its perfect in every way.

  Euro Petroleum Products Co LLC is independent oil lubricants manufacturing company established in the UAE in 2012. With operations in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, Euro Petroleum has experienced a fast growth due to management background and professional track record combining over 50 years in oil products Lubricants, refining and bulk trading.

Today, Euro Petroleum is one of the leading manufacturers and private label fillers of lubricants in the UAE.
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